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Body Treatment

Fageli Beauty World has different body treatment services which are good for different things and they are usually clear about their goals.

You may have a relaxing massage to soothe your muscles and help relieve your stress.

You may have a fairly rigorous and rejuvenating body scrub to exfoliate, moisturise and reduce cellulite and help hydrate the skin.

You could choose to firm up your stomach muscles and bottom by, for example, having a series of electro-magnetic pulses passed through your body.

You might decide that you want to pay penance for unhealthy eating by being wrapped in algae for a few hours to be detoxified, or

You may choose to embark on a series of body treatments that will help you change your lifestyle and your shape, that involve diet, exercise and therapeutic massage and counselling

The choice is yours! Most body treatments will leave you feeling invigorated and relaxed – a powerful combination!

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